Does Dobi Papa really provided 4 in 1 international branded detergent for free?

Yes. The detergent are always provided for FREE and will AUTO pump in when the washer are being active.

Why the washer or dryer didn’t start, after I press the start button?

Please observe and follow the operation instruction display on the washer or dryer or on our information board in order to active the machines.

I had follow all the instruction as indicated at your washer or dryer but I still can’t start the machine.

You can call our 24 hours customer service line for assistant. The care-line number can be found at our information board.

What should I do when the token or coin I insert jammed inside the coin slot?

You can press the coin return button immediate below the coin slot to get back your coin. You can also insert the coin into the second coin slot next to it. If the coin cannot come out, please call our care-line for help.

Why my clothes are not dry enough even after drying for 24 min?

If you have overloaded clothes or thick linen, you probably need more than 24 minutes to dry. You can add in token/coin before the drying cycle complete. Please read the dryer instruction for effective drying process.

Why my clothes are still wet even after drying?

Please immediately call our 24 hours customer service line for assistant and we will attend to you promptly.

What happened if there is a power failure and I can’t take back my clothes?

You can call our 24 hours customer service line for assistant and he will attend to you promptly. Never attempt to force open the washer door because it may hurt you. Please allow our technician to solve and release it.

What is your operation hours?

We open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week including public holidays. We are always welcome and ready to serve you.

When can I do when there are some others attempt to break in or unsafe situation?

Please contact nearby police station or our customer service line immediately.

What can I do if I had left my personal belonging at your outlet after laundry?

You are require to take care of your personal belonging. Dobi Papa is not responsible for any losses. But, you can call our care-line for assistant. Our CCTV security system may help to provide the pictures as evident for your police report.

If my clothes are damaged as a result of your laundry machine. Can I claimed back from Dobi Papa?

You are require to check and ensure that your clothes are suitable to use with our machines. Dobi Papa will not be responsible for any damage or loss as a result of it.

What can I do with the excess token?

You can keep it for the next visiting to any branches of Dobi Papa for laundry purpose.